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“I tore myself away from the safe comfort of certainties through my love for truth – and truth rewarded me.” –Simone deBeauvoir

Hi, I’m Lara. I’m a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and I am glad you’re here. If you are reading these words, you are considering making a conscious choice to invest your valuable time and energy into your most important and deserving asset— yourself!

I work with individuals as an existential partner on the healing journey, which means that I approach my practice as both a doctor of psychology with many years of formal education, training and clinical experience and as a human being who is invested in my own personal healing work.

I specialize in working with highly sensitive people (HSP’s), empaths, artists of all kinds, healers, gifted individuals and those who may be suffering from chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic pain.

While people who come to see me may be struggling with wide variety of challenges in their lives such as: anxiety; relationship issues; asserting themselves; self-esteem; finding meaning in life/career; spiritual development/crises of faith; exposure to/recovery from narcissistic abuse; and creative blocks—they are all seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their struggles so that they may move forward with more peace and fulfillment.

I have dedicated my life to the interdisciplinary study of healing & the reduction of human suffering. It is my privilege to help guide you back to the truth that deep down— you already know—and have always known. Healing takes courage, willingness and an experienced guide. Let’s connect and see if we can embark upon that journey together.


More about Dr. Lara Weissblatt
Licensed Clinical Psychologist/Healer, Philosopher, Writer, Teacher, Supervisor, Consultant

Florida Licensed Psychologist, PY8683
Certified Mental Heath Integrative Medicine Provider (CMHIMP)

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) 
*Specialization in Existential/Humanistic Psychology
*Concentration in Clinical Health Psychology
The University of Central Florida
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA)
*Minors: Cognitive Science & Philosophy

Human Connection; Healing Old Wounds; Super human empathy; Spiritual healing; Authenticity; Existential/Spiritual Crises; Interfaith Couples Counseling; Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

Not enough space to list them all here, but in here’s a few in no special order: The Nature and Evolution of Consciousness; Energy Psychology; Quantum Physics; Geology, Psi Phenomenon; The Intersection of Ontology and Ethics (how our beliefs affect our behavior); Deep Ecology; Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Evolutionary Biology, Music, Sound Healing, Cymatics, Vibrational Medicine, Comparative Religion/Mythology; Peak Experiences; Creativity; The Healing Power of Awe Experiences, (through nature and music), Yoga, Qigong, Somatic/Body Work; Breath Work and Meditation.

Not enough hours in the day. Trusting my path. Asking for what I need. Saying No. Witnessing injustices in the world. (Beyond grateful for these challenges, as they are my best teacher and I am learning and growing every day.)

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