Career Navigation/Transitions Program

The latin root of the word, “vocation” is “vocare” which means, “to call.”

What are you “called” to do?

Did you know that the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. This is why it is critical that we choose a vocation/career/position that is the right fit for us.

No matter if you are a high school student who is unsure of the career path ahead of you; or you are someone who has worked in your field for 20 years and feels it’s time for a change—our Career Navigation/Transitions Program can assist you in finding your way forward.

1) Pathways, Career Counseling for High School Students/Young Adults
Pathways is a unique and specially designed counseling program that helps guide individuals who are just beginning their career navigation journey. This program can help students who are still in high school discover the right career path after graduation. Pathways is also the perfect place for college students who are “undecided”. Packages including 3, 5, 10 sessions available at a reduced cost .

3 Sessions $525 ($50 savings)

5 Sessions $775 ($100 savings)

10 Sessions $1550 ($200 savings)

2) New Horizons, Career Counseling for Career Change/Work Dissatisfaction
New Horizons is a program created for individuals who are unfulfilled in their current career/position. Whether you would like to change careers, need to find a better work/life balance or are looking to find healthy ways to resolve challenges you are having in your current workplace, this program will allow you to find more fulfillment, confidence and ease in your work life. New Horizons Counseling Sessions packages including 3, 5, 10 sessions available at a reduced cost.

3 Sessions  $525  ($50 savings)

5 Sessions  $775  ($100 savings)

10 Sessions $1550 ($200 savings)

3) Career Navigation Hybrid Package $1875
Sometimes, in navigating our career path, we need more information in order to make the best decision for ourselves.

This package includes:

a.) Comprehensive Career Assessment which will provide you with invaluable information about yourself and what types of careers would likely be best fit for you.

Comprehensive Career Assessment evaluates:

  • Intellectual Ability/Cognitive Strengths & Weakness
  • Personality Traits and their relationship to career path
  • Career Interests
  • Career Aptitudes
  • Career Values

*includes psychological report with recommendations

b) 3 Career Counseling sessions, which allow you the opportunity to process and move through any /fears that may surface regarding your way forward. This is a valuable option for high school students, college students who are “undecided”  and those who are looking for a career change.

Once you have completed a Hybrid Career Navigation Package you will:

  • Possess a greater understanding of your own cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Attain a deeper awareness of your personalty traits and how they relate to potential career paths
  • Have practical and concrete vocational/career options to consider
  • Gain more confidence in your ability to make important decisions in your life
  • Enjoy more clarity regarding which career may be best for you–and what steps to take to get there

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